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UNN Facility Polaris-32A0


"Ah, soldier XT269T2!
So you are the maniac who alone survived Ponterbee, Jetaita AND the Nightwalker...
Your reports were hair-rising. Trioptimum send a dozen of their eggheads right off the bat to have a look on the Nightwalker. You may be pleased to hear that they confirm your story and the UNN atomized the Nightwalker.
But we were not allowed to erase the Nightwalker until some researchers took some samples of the biomass. To research them on the highest security level, as they said...
Luckily the samples weren't brought to earth but to the ice planet Polaris to which we are near-by at the moment. Down there in the Station Polaris-32A0 genetic research is practiced."

"And let me guess... they got... problems?"


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