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Hello and welcome to my homepage. Here you can find screenshots for all fanmissions I have made for Thief II and System Shock 2.

Here are also walkthroughs and lootlists for most of my Thief II fanmission.

In the Shocked/Dromed section you find custom objects made by Ar-Zimrathon, BlackThief, GORT, Greenhorn, Hrothgar, pdackel, Syi and me. Click on the respective thumbnail to download.


Updates 2021

I have updated my Thief II Fanmission Raven Creek. The new version includes 5 missions. Screenshots are updated too.

I also added lots of new custom objects to the DromEd/ShockEd-Section and updated my Object Demo for Thief 2 NewDark (1.26).

Download for my Object-Demo is here: Christine-Object-Demo - Update: 02/Jan/2021


Updates 2020

I have updated my System Shock 2 FMs for NewDark (1.48), made some extensions and changes to the levels, added many new objects and also a few features from SCP. Screenshots are updated too.

» Ponterbee Station V5 Newdark Download
» UNN Nightwalker V3 Newdark
» UNN Polaris-32A0 V3 Newdark Download
» Have a nice Holiday V3 Newdark Download
» Shocking Ruins V3 Newdark Download
 Please note: Download my System Shock 2 Missions only from here or .
  All other versions are outdated.



Download locations for Fanmissions/Demos:


My Thief II fanmissions are available for download at - - - .

My System Shock 2 levels are available at .


Thanks to all who are hosting the missions.